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This website was created to help you decide which dash cam is most suitable for your needs. As there is a large amount of cameras on the market, with very different technical specifications, we aim to simplify the decision making process. We also aim to provide readers with valuable information from setting up your new dash cam, to deciding which memory card would be best for your particular situation.

Unlike other dash cam review websites out there, we aren’t trying to make a “quick sale”. We believe a successful business requires honesty, even if this means losing sales. We try to warn all visitors of the problems when buying cheap cameras, and we personally use the top rated cameras in our own vehicles.

If you experience problems with any dash cams, contact the manufacturer it is unlikely we can help solve a specific issue. Instead, we will aim to provide you with contact details of the manufacturers, and we are determined to help you out where possible.



If you are part of a company looking for a review of your dash cam, please contact us at dashcamguru@hotmail.com.


Returns and Technical Assistance

All of our cameras are sold through Amazon using the affiliates program. To return an item you have purchased, you will need to go to “Your Orders” on the Amazon website, and click on “Return or replace items”. If there are any problems with a dash cam you have ordered, or if you require technical assistance, please contact the Amazon seller before getting in touch with us.

If you are unable to find the help you require, feel free to get in touch at dashcamguru@hotmail.com and we will do our best to assist you.


Why do we review “Cheap” dash cams?

If you have a quick google search you’ll find dash cams being quoted as £200+, at least over £100 for a decent model. All the “Top Dash Cam” articles seem to recommend the most expensive ones, but there’s a more sinister reason for this. When you buy a dash cam through a review site, the reviewer earns a commission. In this sense, these reviews are more like advertising than factual recommendations. The writer is much more likely to recommend a more expensive dash cam, as these pay a higher commission. You may also notice many of these websites using stock images. In many instances this is because the reviewer hasn’t actually used the dash cam, but is writing a review based on the specifications and other users comments.

At dashcamguru.com we aim to thoroughly test each dash cam we review, and provide an honest recommendation based on personal experience using the camera. We also realize that not all drivers can afford the expensive dash cams, and the majority of people are only looking for protection on the road.


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