Frequently Asked Questions

After seeing the same questions appearing often, we decided to create this Frequently Asked Questions page


My dash cam doesn't work, what should I do?

First of all you need to check you have the memory card inserted and that power is going to your camera. Formatting the microSD card can also solve certain problems, but  there are plenty of things that can go wrong with dash cams. If you can't find a fix and the issue persists, it is important to get in touch with the seller as soon as possible, so they can offer more advice, a replacement, or a refund.

Which memory card should I buy for my camera?

This depends on the dash cam you have bought, but most cameras require at least a Class 10 memory card. Read this article to learn more about microSD cards, and see which ones we recommend.

Where can I attach the dash cam?

Most dash cams will stick to the windscreen, behind the rear view mirror. It is very important not to obstruct the drivers vision, as this is against the law. Read this article on setting up a dash cam for more information. Bear in mind that the law will be different depending on where you live.

Why has my microSD card has stopped working?

MicroSD cards are damaged every time footage is recorded over. As dash cams record in loops, footage is constantly being overwritten once the SD card is full. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before your microSD card will develop faults. Using a card such as the Transcend Ultimate will ensure greater longevity, as this card uses superior NAND flash (MLC rather than the cheaper TLC).

What is the GPS feature?

Unlike Sat Navs, the GPS feature on dash cams is not used for providing directions. Instead, it allows you to playback your journey on google maps, using a program such as Registrator Viewer.

Why does my dash cam start and stop recording at random times?

This is the most common question we are asked, and 90% of the time either motion detection or parking mode have been switched on. Make sure to turn these off in the settings menu, and get in touch with the manufacturer if you are still having problems.

Can I get a refund?

All the dash cams displayed on this website are sold through Amazon. As we do not supply these, we cannot offer refunds or replacements. However, this can be done through your Amazon account, under the "order history" heading. We may have contact details of the various manufacturers, so feel free to give us an email and we can try to help you out.