MAISI 2K Extreme HD Dash Camera

Amazon Rating 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5) (534 reviews)

— Full-HD 2K Video (better than 1080p) at 30 fps
— 150° Super Wide Angle
— Loop Recording
— Superior Night-vision by f1.8 Six-Glass lenses
— Built In G-Sensor
— 18 Month Warranty (from Maisi)

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Click here to read our review of the MAISI Smart Dash Cam (The Maisi Smart has the same video resolution as the Maisi 2K Extreme, but features a different design and viewing angle, as well as a GPS feature)

The following product description is from the manufacturer

The Maisi 2K Extreme is an excellent choice for recording important events on the road in 1296p Extreme HD, helping to reduce your insurance quotes and assisting you with making a claim.
Ignition detection: The camera automatically records when the engine starts, and turns off after the ignition is switched off (Please note this only works if your cars cigarette lighter socket receives power with the ignition. If this socket remains constantly active, you will need to unplug the dash cam to stop the car battery from being drained).

Clear & Sharp at all times: The MAISI Extreme HD portable dash-cam can record 2304 x 1296 high definition videos at 30FPS, providing you with convincing video proof.

Wide Angle: Its 150 degree wide angle lens provides you with a more complete viewing angle, capturing the entire road and surroundings.

Superior Night Vision: This camera’s superior night vision ensures high-definition recording even at night or in low light conditions.

Seamless Loop Recording: Loop recording is used for efficient storage, as the earliest unlocked video clips are overwritten when the SD card fills up. Customizable video clip length of 1, 3, and 5 minutes.

Collision Detection: In the event of collision, the built in G-Sensor will detect the impact and instantly trigger emergency recording mode, protecting the important recording from being overwritten.

One-Key Emergency Recording: Press the Menu button when the camera is recording to initiate the emergency recording. This can be useful if you spot beautiful scenery on the road, or when you want to record an emergency.

Built-in Backup Battery: No need to worry about sudden power failure caused by traffic incidents, because the built-in battery allows the MAISI 2K Extreme HD to continue recording the important evidence.

Note: Please note that there is no SD card included with this purchase. The device itself supports Maximum 32GB TF card. We recommend this SanDisk Extreme 32GB Class 10 MicroSD cardWarning: Although this SD card works with the camera, some suppliers have recently been sending faulty versions. If you order a faulty card, you need to let the seller know and get a refund as soon as possible.


Maisi 2K Extreme HD Dash Cam Additional Features

2K Extreme HD: The MAISI dash cam records every moment in exceptional 2304 x 1296p at 30 fps. Image quality has been *increased by 50%* from the standard resolution of 1080p. NEVER MISS A LICENSE PLATE ANYMORE. Get ready to receive a full experience on stunning images with vivid colors delivered by its 4-megapixel image sensor.

6G Lens and F1.8 Aperture: The MAISI is equipped with 6 layers of 4-megapixel lens, creating high luminance flux videos during both day and night recording.

Brand New Ultra-HDR Technology: The MAISI Extreme is equipped with double-exposure merging technology. It merges 60fps into a 30fps video resulting in better image quality. By leveraging the brightness of long exposure and converging the brightness of short exposure, it is able to create the perfect luminous balance and gives incredibly high quality images. With the advanced 3D-DNR technology and high ISO values, this camera provides superior night vision.

Built-in G-Sensor: The camera features automatic incident detection (G-Sensor) with customizable sensitivity settings. When an incident such as hard braking, or a collision is detected, the built-in 3-Axis G-Sensor will detect the impact and automatically trigger emergency recording. In this mode, the important footage will not be overwritten.

18 month Warranty To Cover Any Issues and a professional support team. All emails will be replied in 12-24 hours. Please contact Maisi through the email provided in the manual if you need support, as they are offering the warranty.

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